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Apr, 2020

2020 WSLL Current Status

To all families of WSLL,

Please take the time to read the entire note. The WSLL Board met Monday night, 4/27, to discuss the 2020 season. We would like to thank everyone for their patience while we work to determine if a Little League season is possible, and if so, what a baseball season would look like. That said, there are still many unknowns and we would like to give our families options. Little League International has advised us that after May 11 we should follow the guidance of our state leaders.  

To begin, the possibility of baseball and softball…the Board discussed many options of how we can have a season, when a season would start, what the season might look like, if we do have a season how to work to ensure the health and safety of kids and families. As of today, we do not have a definitive answer to any of those questions. Our conclusion is we would like to have a season if possible, however we need to wait for clearance from our state and federal leaders as well as a comfort level that playing does not jeopardize anyone’s health. Our discussion went through many options including the remote chance of a June only season, a June/July season, July/August season, and a fall ball season of August and September if fall football is canceled. If we do play we also discussed putting together all-star teams for tournaments. Baseball and softball allow for more spaced-out play than other sports - we discussed having kids sit with their families rather than in a dugout if we do play games. Once we decide if we can have a season and what that season looks like you can decide if you would like to continue to participate. If we do have a season and you elect not to participate, we will offer refunds again at that time. In the event we cannot have a season at all we will offer full refunds to all registered families. The next board meeting is scheduled at the end of May when we hope to have additional guidance and can make a more concrete decision.

Next, anyone who does not feel comfortable having their kids play baseball or softball this year, are no longer able to play, or for any other personal reason would like to withdraw from the 2020 season we would like to offer a refund of your registration fee. If you would like a refund today we ask you to send an email to: [email protected] by May 12, 2020. In the subject line please have “Cancel 2020” and please include the name of the parent who signed up and your child’s name(s) you would like a refund for - all refunds will go back to the credit card used to sign up; please do not make special requests. We have all records of who paid and how much however it will be a bit easier with that accurate information. Please bear with us, we will get the refunds out as soon as we can once we compile the list of requests, however we ask you to be understanding that it will take some time. This will be the first but not the only opportunity for a refund. However, refunding by piecemeal is too challenging so we will offer times when families can decide if WSLL works for their kids. If WSLL does play a 2020 baseball and softball season, once you have canceled we will not be able to reinstate kids.

Lastly, while kids and families are an important part of WSLL, so are the local businesses who sponsor WSLL. These sponsors have supported WSLL over the years and it is our turn to support them even more than we already do. If you can give your business to our local businesses to help support them during this time we know they would appreciate the continued support from the Western Springs community. Please visit for a list of WSLL sponsors and links to their websites.

Whether you decide to wait to see if we can play baseball or softball or seek a refund, we thank all of the families of Western Springs Little League. Baseball is deeply ingrained in the Western Springs community. We all miss seeing our kids out on the fields learning, having fun, cheering, coaching, freezing, socializing with our friends in the stands and making new friends especially on those fantastic spring evenings. If you decide to continue to wait to see if a season is possible we will have more information at the end of May. In the meantime, stay healthy and thank you again for your continued support and patience.

Kind Regards,

The Western Springs Little League Board

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